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February 2012

The final days

All good things come to an end

Well today is my final day of using the Internet at my apartment. I will move out on Saturday but the Internet has to go otherwise I would have to pay for a whole months usage for what amounts to 3 days. The belt tightening starts now!

I’ve lived in “Modern Times” building since 2008; my simple yet homely apartment has been the longest place I’ve ever lived in apart from home back in the UK. I’ll be staying at a friend’s house from Saturday until I leave.

With the Internet going so will my VPN and hence stable access to Facebook. I do have one of the numerous free VPN’s which are flying around China now but these are notoriously slow and can stop working at the drop of a hat.

I’ve synced this blog with Facebook so all posts will appear up on the news feed.

Tomorrow is my last day of work. I can hardly believe I have worked for my current company since 2005; the time has really flown by. I will certainly be leaving some awesome memories behind. Leaving won’t be easy I know that but I can genuinely say it’s been a real pleasure doing this job and working there.

That’s all for now.

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"The Curious Case of the Missing Mudguards"

11 days to go

The final piece of the jigsaw, the curious case of the ‘Missing Mudguards’, will perhaps never be solved. One will never quite know where or when the Chinese postal system will see fit to deliver my mudguards. However with the leave date so close now replacements had to be found and were so. In the rainy month of March lets just hope they do what they say on the tin!

It’s now 11 days till set off, 3 of which include work. It’s strange; it’s a real mixture of emotions. In many ways working almost right up until I leave might not be a bad thing. I’m so busy with handing over the responsibilities of my job to others that I’ve been limited to how much I think about the trip each day. Packing up the house, fine tuning the bike, working out how to GPS on my new HTC and paying an unplanned visit to the local dentist, it’s all be go here.

I’m excited there is no doubt about that, my life will go from incredibly busy to the freedom of the open road in such a short space of time. However it’s with a heavy heart I will leave Xiamen and China. Such are the friends I’ve built up here, the love of my job and the bond I have with my students, it certainly won’t be easy to leave.

I suppose I wouldn’t be human if my excitement wasn’t tinged with nervousness and slight worry at what lays ahead. I suppose this nervous excitement is my bodies way of telling me I’m ready.

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Back to the Blog

Well what with going back to the UK and then returning to China the blog has become a little neglected over the last few months but it’s back, albeit for a rather shorter entry.

17 days to go and I’m really beginning to get excited.

The bike is almost ready, I’m just minus the mudguards which seem to have got lost in the void that is China’s postal system. Some replacements have been found but I’m just waiting to see if they are the right fit.

Here is the bike in all it’s glory!


A good friend of mine who also took a trip through China last year (cheers Dustin) gave me some good advice regarding writing on the blog. He suggested more pictures and less chat! I think it’s a good point. So here is the first of a more ‘streamlined’ blog……..

More shorter updates to follow.

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